"Sometimes, you just gotta laugh, or you'll cry instead!"
The Five Jordans

After 13 years of living in
St. Louis, we started a new adventure in Jacksonville, FL. Follow along with us as we have Fun in the Sun!

Happy 11th Birthday Ciara!
Seems just like yesterday that we brought home this scrawny, chicken legged seven pound baby girl home. She made a dramatic entrance into our lives.

On a Saturday night, two weeks before her due date, her then three year old brother broke his arm. Sunday morning was Mother's Day. While at an emergency room, getting Riley's arm splinted, my water broke. So We headed over to a different hospital where we had planned to deliver. Grandma Mari picked up Riley. It was the first time he would spend the night away from us.  As they walked away, Riley wearing a splint and his arm in a sling, I remember thinking how small my little boy looked.

I was admitted to the hospital around noon.  All the nurses were saying how sweet it was that my daughter would be born on Mothers Day, but as usual Ciara had her own timetable. Sunday night came and went. It was raining soo hard that night, that some of the roads were flooding.  In the wee hours of the morning, Ciara decided she was ready to make her appearance.  Our doctor barely made it in time for the delivery. The little baby they laid on my chest was red, and tiny and had thin, bony arms and legs.  She had a full head of brown hair with yellow streaks through it. As if she had highlights done. And I thought she was the most beautiful little girl I had ever laid my eyes on.
Eleven years later, even though the drama continues, and even though she grays my hair, I still think she is one of the most beautiful creatures I have laid my eyes on.  She is kind, loving, creative, smart and sweet.  And we are blessed to have her as part of our family.